Larisa found a newborn baby, but when she learned who had left the baby there, she was almost stunned on the spot.


Larisa stood by the mirror in the train station restroom, applying lipstick. Suddenly, the sound of a baby crying filled the air. She thought a mother was probably changing a diaper in one of the stalls.
However, the crying continued for a long time, and no one came out. Larisa approached the cubicle from which the crying was coming. She knocked on the door, but there was no response. So she decided to open it herself and found a baby in a carrier on top of the toilet.

Someone had left the baby in the restroom. Larisa took the carrier and hurried to the station’s security office. He was the security guard on duty. “Do you think the baby was intentionally left here?” he asked. “How else could it be? You don’t just forget a baby in a restroom!” Larisa responded. “Are you single?” Anatoliy asked. “No, what’s that got to do with anything?” “Well, it’s clear you don’t have children because this baby needs a diaper change.”He called the police, and he went to buy some baby diapers.

Once everything was in order, the police arrived. They managed to track down the baby’s mother through the security cameras. She had left the carrier and boarded a train, not too far away. It took the police a couple of days to find her.

 After a court hearing, her parental rights were terminated. The child was supposed to go to a foster home, but by that time, Larisa and  had found a new child in the baby they rescued. They had begun dating, gotten married, and were now living a happy life together.

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