Taylor Swift sings the National Anthem | Everyone like it but…


uring this game, Taylor was 18 years old and had already made 2 country albums (writing all the songs). Thirteen years later and she has sold over 200 million records globally. She has done all of the above with an independent streak. It is no surprise she sang the National Anthem as she did, as she chose, and she will do again.

I thought this was a really sweet version of this song. Almost like a lullaby. I love Taylor. She’s talented, no matter what you may say. Her songs are fun, and she writes them all, herself. This was far better than the loud, obnoxious screeching we usually hear; from people over doing it, and trying too hard. This was believable and honest.

For all of you who condemn her for playing the guitar while singing, let me ask you this. Did Jimi Hendrix need a guitar to play the National Anthem, or should he have just walked on stage and sang it? He didn’t have to, but he did anyway, because he wanted to, and he was a great guitar player. Taylor played the guitar because she wanted to.

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