7 Year-Old Crushes National Anthem


Oh Boy… I mean “Oh girl!!” What a full filling feeling Surely felt by this lady…. “G!!” Way to go girl!! Her voice is a toy she’s playing with, not hafl way but at power 10…. add a touch of a child smile… If she doesn’t force her voice (great instrument) but play with it prudently, God knows where she’ll be. But, most or all, I wish her a beautiful normal (as possible) childhood.

She is AMAZING! This is what makes our land (America) so worth protecting from our adversaries foreign and domestic. And holding those career politicians accountable that do not have a view of taking care of America first! God Bless America. She did well for a 7 Year Old and really impressive to hit those high notes. But I have to say the best performance I’ve ever heard from a 7 Year Old was in Game 7 of the 1991 World Series by a girl named Jacqueline Jaquez. Look it up. It’s legendary.

God bless this wonderful child and for everyone else that did not have their hands over their hearts, kick them out of this Country. That little girl has a powerful singing voice. She better not give that up. It’s a gift to be able to sing like that at such a young age.

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