Alex from Target: How a Teen Cashier Became an Overnight Sensation


“Alex from Target” is a story that unfolded in November 2014, when a photo of a teenage Target employee named Alex Lee went viral on social media platforms like Twitter. The picture, which appeared to be taken by a customer, showed Alex bagging items at a Target store checkout counter. What made this ordinary image extraordinary was the widespread fascination it generated.

Within hours, the photo gained traction, and the hashtag #AlexFromTarget began trending worldwide. Teenagers especially were captivated by Alex’s good looks, and the image quickly spread across the internet, with countless retweets and shares. Memes, jokes, and even fan accounts dedicated to Alex popped up on various social media platforms.

The sudden fame caught Alex by surprise, as he went from being a regular teenager with a part-time job to an internet sensation overnight. News outlets picked up on the story, and Alex found himself thrust into the spotlight, receiving interview requests and media attention.

Despite the initial confusion about who took the photo and why, the phenomenon showcased the power of social media in turning ordinary individuals into celebrities. While some criticized the trend as emblematic of society’s obsession with superficiality, others saw it as a testament to the unpredictability and democratizing nature of the internet.

Although the fervor surrounding Alex eventually died down, the “Alex from Target” phenomenon remains a memorable moment in internet culture, illustrating the viral potential of everyday moments in the digital age.

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