Kid performs Bohemian Rhapsody in front of whole school!


It’s hard to imagine that any of his peers appreciate the complexity of this performance. It’s SO impressive. More than that, though- for me, at least- is the courage and confidence that is apparent in him. I hope he never gives up on his dream! Not only is he playing the song while he sings he’s delivering the exact same show as live aid. The outfit, the mannerisms, the facial expressions, the show. Props to this incredibly talented kid!

The piano part for this song is both iconic and fun to play. It was one the first songs I learned when I picked it up, massive goosebumps from the vocals and it together. I am incredibly amazed at how beautiful this performance is!! as a piano player myself, i can imagine how hard it must be to play this AND sing AND do it live. props to you!!

Great job! I remember watching this live, in the 80s , for freddy’s last big performance before he passed away. The kid hit everything beautiful, in a few years if he keeps this up, he’ll see a Broadway stage, this is HARD to do, it a hard song to play and harder tio sing with with the emotion done properly, especially mimicking his live shows! Amazing work for such a young man, freddy would be proud to see this if he was still with us!

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