LIVE Performance by 4-year-old Claire Ryann and Dad


wish you could see the responses to this video I see. I have a home for elders with dementia. Our Claire and dad YouTube playlist is everyone’s favorite, but especially Esther’s. She giggles, dances along, and reaches out to touch the images on the tv. You bring her so much joy! Thank you!

Isn’t it refreshing to see such a wholesome performance. Contrast that to what we see out in the world today. Witches, tongues sticking out, body parts gyrating, demons manifesting on stage, foul language, violent language. This was beautiful.

You are just about the sweetest little thing on this side of heaven! You have made your Mommy and Daddy very proud so you just keep singing with Daddy so all of us folks out here can enjoy it! We love you sweetie ! G

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