Capital Children’s Choir sing the Star Spangled Banner at Stadium


American and British choristers from the Capital Children’s Choir performed the Star Spangled Banner together for the NFL International Series, at Wembley Stadium. The final game was between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Jacksonville Jaguars. (Final score 24-18, for the Eagles!). The choir performed under the name “American Children’s Choir in London”

This version sent chills down my spine in the stadium and still does. The purity of the voices, the jingoistic words, the lack of over instrumentalism is so moving, as you see in the Eagles QB and coach’s faces.

There’s something so surreal about singing that national anthem, the star spangled banner and It’s a grand old flag, It just can’t compare to anything other than gospel music and I just love that I grew up here in America even though my ancestors were immigrants and came over from England.

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