The Arrival of Twins – A Consistent Pattern of Joy. Once More, Girls Steal the Show. Dad Witnesses the Miracle in the Delivery Room


Anna’s early admission to the maternity hospital, due to the complexities of her twin pregnancy, prompted discussions about the safest delivery method. Despite the medical team proposing a planned cesarean section, Anna, determined to experience natural childbirth, convinced them to attempt it first, with a backup C-section plan if needed.

In adherence to their partnership agreement for childbirth, Anna and her husband opted for the support of midwives instead of strangers in the delivery room. When labor commenced late in the evening, Anna’s husband quickly arrived, and the couple transitioned to the labor room. Anna, seasoned from previous childbirth experiences, remained composed throughout the process. At 4 a.m., their first child was born, welcomed by immediate cries and the midwife’s announcement of the arrival of their first daughter.

Surprisingly, the joy expected from the father was replaced by a forced smile, and his focus shifted immediately to his wife. Just ten minutes later, the second daughter made her entrance. While the mother beamed with happiness, the new father, displaying tears not of joy, appeared less than pleased. Concerned looks were exchanged, but Anna reassured everyone, explaining that this was their fifth and sixth set of twins, both girls. Although he had hoped for a boy, she believed he would come around in time, emphasizing his deep love for their daughters.

True to her prediction, the following day painted a picture of familial perfection. The father, despite initial reservations, led a charming group of little girls beneath the maternity hospital window, where they tied balloons and joyfully proclaimed their love for their mother. It became evident that, despite the initial disappointment, everything was indeed perfect in this family, though a hint of sympathy lingered for the father who had yearned for a son.

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