Homeless playing legendary songs on street, everyone like him


As someone who started learning to play guitar this year (2020) I know just how difficult it is to even become a moderate player. There is so much to learn, and it really takes dedication , perseverance, and (dare I say it) some intelligence. I have so much respect for anyone who can play the guitar, and seeing this guy play just breaks my heart to see someone with this much ability become homeless.

The talent this guy has. It’s beyond me, pains me even. There are people making so much money off of just posting pictures of them doing superficial shit and this man has so much talent in his fingers! Cruel world.

I had a similar situation. I was walking with friends and met a homeless man and he asked me to play guitar. He played very well despite not having played for a very long time. It’s a pity that such talented people get into such sad circumstances.

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