Incredible Bohemian Rhapsody Performance by Homeless Musician Shakes Denver Streets


People comenting this unreal performance – As a guitar player, I know many songs. If someone makes a request I knew many years ago, but haven’t practiced in many years I will make mistakes. I will eventually get it perfect as my memory kicks in. However I wouldn’t do it live or recorded until I remember it fully. Give this guy some credit. He played what he could remember on a poorly tuned piano.

You know at one point this guy learned this song between 4 walls. Whatever the circumstances were that led him to the streets aside, it’s just a very saddening reminder of something that not a lot of people can relate to. I spent a lot of times homeless on those very Denver streets, to Colorado Springs , Pueblo , Memphis tn, nashv, Chicago.. etc.

He has more talent in his fingers than many famous musicians of today. He should not feel bad about what he’s done, it was wonderful. I’m in Denver this week and I want to visit this place! Where’s this? I’d buy him a meal or two just to hear this and sing with him.

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