The Nigerian girl has caught everyone’s attention with her beauty..Look how she looks now


History has seen many examples of exceptionally beautiful children born to couples of different lineages and nationalities, and the heroine of this article is a clear confirmation of this. Vivienne, at the age of six, is the daughter of the famous Russian model Ksenia Belousova and Nigerian footballer Hugo Yuk. She is also one of the most sought-after child models today.

Thanks to the exotic appearance inherited from her parents, the young girl has already garnered half a million followers on Instagram and other social networks, and she clearly has no intention of stopping there.

This fact is particularly interesting considering that her mother, in her childhood, was rather shy and angular and couldn’t even dream of a modeling career. Ksenia, who lived in Tyumen at the time, was above everyone in the class and visibly self-conscious about it.

However, time has worked its magic, and today Belousova is a sought-after model, with beauty few can rival.

Who knows, perhaps one day the daughter will surpass the mother, and we will witness the birth of a new globally renowned star.

Furthermore, the girl’s character clearly takes after her father – just as determined and penetrating.

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